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Cia. Catalana Latin Jazz

Leader, composer, arranger and conductor

Jo no sé res, sóc músic

A music book for everybody. CD included!

Transpenedès Jazz Orq.

Leader, composer, arranger & conductor

Anonymous music by Rius

orginal idea, arranger, trombone

Premature memories

Arranger & trombone


Musical producer, conductor & trombonist

Music for K. Davidse

Sound track for a trilogy of films

Catalonia & America

idea, conductor, arranger & trombone

Bou Revisited

Original idea, arranger & conductor

M. de Falla & Catalonia

Idea, arranger & conductor

La música de Nino Rota

Idea, arranger & conductor

Tenora & Big Band

Concept, arrangements & musical director