Cia. Catalana Latin Jazz

Leader, composer, arranger & conductor

In 2003 I created a 10 musicans orchestra (2 trumpets, 1 trombone, 3 saxes, bass, drums, percussion and piano). In 2013, to celebrate
the 10th anniversary, I enlarged it to a big band (4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxes and rhyhm section). During this time, the orchestra has published 4 CD: Vilafranca de suite (2003), La Companyia en directe (2003), Salsa, son i sabor (DVD, 2005) and Pangá (2013) and collaborated with muscians such as Miguel “Angá” Díaz, Moncho, Juan “el Indio” Díaz, Vicenç Solsona or Dennis “el Huevo” Hernández, among others.

“Cómo fue” (E. Duarte. Arr. E. Molero. Voice: Moncho)

“Manteca” (D. Gillespie / Ch. Pozo. Arr. E. Molero.)

“Somos novios” (A. Manzanero. Arr. E. Molero. Voice: Paquita Monert)


Cómo fue:

How insensitive + Midnight mambo:

Covers of Cia. Catalana de Latin Jazz’s recordings.

bandcamp-portada1 bandcamp-portada2
Vilafranca de suite (2003)  La Companyia en directe (2003)
bandcamp-portada3 bandcamp-portada4
  DVD Salsa, son i sabor (2005)  Pangá (2013)


Pictures from the recording with Miguel “Angá” Díaz:


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