Pòsters de Músic

Pere Flautes, a veteran musician with one foot in the grave tells us about his experience as a musician throughout his life. How he started playing the trumpet in the Canigó orchestra at a very young age and without training, how they had to stop because of the civil war, how they ran out of musicians when a circus passed through the town and they left take away. How the training, the repertoires and the advertising posters were being adapted to the new conveniences. Where does the expression “musician’s dessert” come from and what anecdotes does he remember of when they went from town to town dancing and staying over to sleep in neighbours’ houses. From when women entered that world that, until then, had always belonged to men. A story, half invented or badly remembered by Pere Flautes, of the Canigó de Torelló cobla orchestra, which could be the story of most Catalan formations founded at the beginning of the 20th century. A historical review that also allows us to hear how the music has been playing at our parties over the last 100 years and how it has always been modern, if we are the ones traveling in time.

Script and artistic direction: Xavier Capdevila

Musical conductor and script: Esteve Molero

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