Flamenco da camera

“Flamenco da camera” is a project by the pianist and singer María Ángeles Cuevas.

It is a brave proposal that revisits the Flemish classics and updates them. From the ethnic symphony of Manuel de Falla, inspired by the shores of the sea of ​​Cádiz, to the murriest song of the Castillo cafés of Madrid. María Ángeles Cuevas knows both worlds well: the most genuinely Spanish repertoire (in addition to Falla, she plays Enrique Granados, Eduardo Toldrà and Enrique Morera), who has worked as a classical pianist; and the most popular song (“Suspiros de España”, “Ojos verdes”, “Fumando espero”) that she has known since she was a child due to her Spanish ancestry.

For this project, he entrusted the direction and musical arrangements to Esteve Molero, an ambidextrous composer of ethnic and modern music, folklore and jazz. Cuevas and Molero, who already collaborated together on the “Iberian dreams” CD, share respect and admiration for the most original, most authentic Spanish music; and they review it to bring it up to date.

Bulerias, fandangos, flamenco tangos… but also pasodobles, waltzes and pericons. “Flamenco da camera”, the most modern version of the purest tradition.

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