LNM JAZZ COLLECTIVE is a jazz octet, based on the concept of collective creation. Every musician in the band provides own arrangements or compositions. As maestro Francesc Burrull says: “Sometimes you make music, and sometimes where have to be musicians, which is quite different”. LNM JAZZ COLLETIVE is a place for real music. Personal, creative and sometimes challenging music, played among friends, but wiht a high standard of performance.

The band was presented in a concert at Palau Maricel (in Sitges), on 21th December 2014. Here a bit of our music:

Anitra’s Dance:




Altres projectes // Big Band, Latin & Jazz

The great Cugat

… of the little chihuahuas

Vela llatina

Conductor & trombone


Arranjaments, direcció musical i trombó

Anonymous music by Rius

orginal idea, arranger, trombone

Tenora & Big Band

Concept, arrangements & musical director

Cia. Catalana Latin Jazz

Leader, composer, arranger and conductor

Transpenedès Jazz Orq.

Leader, composer, arranger & conductor

Jordi Guixé Sextet

Comp., arr., trombone & conductor

Premature memories

Arranger & trombone