Traditional music

Arranger and/or trumpet for groups of traditional music

I have written arrangements for different groups of traditional muisc, also recordings, as: “Músiques de festa” (Antoni Insenser i Bertran), “Música per a gralla” (Francesc de Paula Bover, with Sta. Maria & Montònec “grallers”), “Música per a gralla d’autors vuitcentistes”, an arrangement of  “Moixiganga de Lleida” for the group Bufalodre (recorded in the CD “Terços Amunt!”) and compose the hymn for the Coordinadora de Grallers de Vilafranca del Penedès: “Vila”. I also wrote texts about old “gralla” players, such as “Tabola” family from Vilobí del Penedès, among others. My text titled “Manuel Rius, autor de música anònima” won Recvll Award 2015, in the cathegory of Literary Portrait.

Other works:


Covers from some CD:

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Músiques de Festa Músiques vuitcentistes
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Terços amunt!  Francesc de Paula Bové


As a trumpet player, in the field of dancing music, I have performed or recorded with Marcel Casellas (CD El Neomodernista), cobla-orquestra Galana, Ministrils de la Vila Nova, Simó Busquets, Galdrich Santana, Dilluns al CAT, tv show “Bojos pel Ball” in TV3, and the project of recupering the repertoire of and old catalan dancing orchestra (from the 30th’s): Orquestrina La Moderna.


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Orquestrina La Moderna Casellas Sextet Folk
Bojos pel ball

More info about Orquestrina La Moderna:


Altres projectes // Others

Cantata St. Nicolau


The “pastorets” of Sitges

Producer & conductor’s assistant

La Fera Ferotge

La Fera Ferotge

Arranger & conductor


Musical producer, conductor & trombonist

Pop-rock arrangements

Arranger and/or trumpet pop-rock bands


Arranger & conductor

The Competència Orchestra

Arranger & conductor

Miquel Pujadó

Arranger & conductor

Children’s choirs

Arranger for children’s choir & jazz trio