Composer & arranger

NEHALENNIA (Esteve Molero)

Symphonic piece inspired by the mith of the goddess Nehalennia, who protected the sailors in the North Sea. Commissioned by Jazz International Rotterdam, 2008. Premiered by Codarts Symphonic Jazz Orchestra (conductor, Hans Leenders; saxophone, Nils van Harten) and also performed at 40ª Sofia Music Weeks International Festival 2009 (Bulgary) per la National Radio Symphony Orchestra & Bulgarian Radio Big Band  (conductor, Hans Leenders; saxophone, Nils van Harten).

CARAVAN (Juan Tizol. Arr. E. Molero)

Symphonic orchestra + big band arrangement of this Duke Ellington Orchestra’s classic. The version in with Kristina Fuchs as the soloist.

DARTOS (Esteve Molero)

Original composition for Symphonic orchestra + big band, with Ingolf Burkhardt as the trumpet soloist.

CHELSEA BRIDGE (Billy Strayhorn. Arr. E. Molero)

Symphonic orchestra + big band arrangement.

LECUONA (Esteve Molero)

Music for brass symphonic orchestra and latin percussion, a tribute to the cuban pianist and composer Ernesto Lecuona. Comissioned by International Community Arts Festival, Rotterdam 2008. Premiered by Brassband Rijnmond (Carlo Balemans, conductor).


Nehalennia in a students orchestra version, conducted by Carlo Balemans:



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