Creative Septet

The school La Riera of Sant Pere de Ribes commissioned me a work to celebrate its 15 years of educational activity. It occurred to me to put on a show based on Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. And the management team gave me all the support!

We spent almost 2 years working to offer a show created, produced and performed by the students themselves, organized in different workshops, one for each musical note, one for intelligence.

Do, corporal intelligence: corporal percussion, with the musician Pinyu Martí.
Re, spatial intelligence: dance, with the dancer / actress Montse Vidal.
Mi, musical intelligence: musical creation, with the sound artist Eli Gras.
Fa, physical intelligence: scenography, with Montse Vidal.
Sol, linguistic intelligence: versification, with Eli Gras.
La, numerical intelligence: rhythms, with Pinyu Martí.
Si, emotional intelligence: theater, with the actor Jesús Soler.

And the active participation of all teachers, parents and students of the school.
Premiered in April 2017.

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