Quintes del biberó

Enric Almirall, my partner’s grandfather at the time, became ill, terminal. Sílvia and I could spend many hours with him at the end of his days. We discovered that he was part of the mythical “Quinta del biberó”: the youngest soldiers that participated at the end of the Spanish Civil War, recruited by Republican side. But what exactly was this about the fifth of the bottle? I searched for information to talk to Enric, but found little and diffuse. I decided to write a book based on interviews with survivors. The result was a long report, edited by Rúbrica Editorial in 1999, the first on the subject, which quickly became a remarkable sales success.

Survivors interviewed: Enric Almirall, Josep Maria Ballarín, Pere Cornellà, Tomàs Escofet, Joaquim Estrach, Anton Ferrer, Joan Font, Josep Florit, Pere Godall, Joan Grañén, Javier Lagar (pseudònim), Pere Llopart, Josep Massamunt, Agustí Palau, Sebastià Portella, Antoni Quintana, Pere Sitjà & Jaume Vallès.

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