Ribes & Les Roquetes

A documentary recorded between 2017 and 2018 in Sant Pere de Ribes, with local characters as protagonists. 25 years of the history of Ribes and Les Roquetes explained in first person. The urbanization of the streets, the first cars, the arrival of the human being to the moon, the theater, the politics, the festivities … and the death of the dictator Franco. A production by the City Council of Sant Pere de Ribes directed by Esteve Molero.

Esteve Molero, direction and music

Carles Miret i Juan Carlos Borrego, script

Gonzalo González i Eva Morcillo, cameras

Cristina Daimiel, production

Dani Vileta i Víctor Guerreiro, sound

Éric Abad, editing

Teresa Rigual, off voice

Esteve Roig, mastering

Gerard Gómez, graphic design

Altres projectes // Screenplay


TV documentary


TV documentary

Mass media

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