JO NO SÉ RES, SÓC MÚSIC Book + 18 track CD


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JO NO SÉ RES, SÓC MÚSIC” is a personal invitation to catalan music and instruments, including a CD with 18 tracks of Esteve Molero’s music as well as the score of his Sardana La teva llum! commented by the composer himself. What is a Sardana? How does a plastic trombone sound? Which were the cars of Miles Davis and Chet Baker? Does the player choose the instrument or the other way around? Does an orchestra sound better with a conductor or without? The answers to these questions are in this book, which also contains a method of how to write for catalan instruments and the catalan ensemble, the cobla. 

The first chapter of the book, here:

Mostra parcial llibre Esteve Molero

A ra (Joao Donato / Caetano Veloso. Arr. E. Molero)

Quan lo sol a ta finestra / Si pogués un sol instant (Felip Pedrell. Arr. E. Molero)