Transpenedès Jazz Orq.

Leader, composer, arranger & conductor A teacher from Rotterdam’s Conservatory told me once: “the best way to learn how to write for big band is simple: you create a big band, arrange a repertoire and try it out in the rehearsals”. And I did so! The orchestra played in some festivals and concerts, and started collaboration with dutch soloist as Ilja Rijngoud (trombone) and Esther Schoenmakers (voice) and with the basc Víctor de Diego (sax). We realeased the CD Opus one (2005) and participated in Homenatge a Ovidi (2004) with the rock band Inadaptats.

“Ko-ko” (Duke Ellington). Transpenedès Jazz Orquestra

“Lliçó de sumes i verbs” (O. Montllor. Arr. E. Molero) Inadaptats + Transpenedès Jazz Orquestra   CD covers of Transpenedès Jazz Orquestra

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OPUS ONE Transpenedès Jazz Orquestra HOMENATGE A OVIDI: Inadaptats + Transpenedès

Transpenedès Jazz Orquetra at Auditori Pau Casals with Ilja Reijngoud, trombone soloist 1 2 3 Transpenedès Jazz Orquestra performing in St. Pere de Ribes (“Alice”, Tom Waits. Arr. Esteve Molero) Esther Schoenmakers, voice; Dennis “el Huevo” Hernández, flugelhorn

Altres projectes // Big Band, Latin & Jazz

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Conductor & trombone


Arranjaments, direcció musical i trombó

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Trombone & compositions

Tenora & Big Band

Concept, arrangements & musical director

Cia. Catalana Latin Jazz

Leader, composer, arranger and conductor

Jordi Guixé Sextet

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Premature memories

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