What is coaching?

Coaching? What’s that?

Coaching is a process. The coach goes with his client in the way to achive his goal.


Sometimes we have a goal, we want to reach an objective but we don’t even now how or where to start. The coach helps you to (re)formulate your goal and go for it.


Because sometimes we are not capable to see the path in front of us and somebody has to help us finding it in the map and starting walking. Coaching is action. By walking we are making the way, as poet Machado wrote.

And you Esteve are busy with Coaching?

I am studing a master at Instituto Europeo de Coaching, an important institution. On top of that, music is really connected with coaching?


Yes, my mission as a music conductor is making the orchestra reach the objective: performing a concert and performing it well. I have realised this is strongly connected with the everyday’s life of a lot of people.

Is it necessary to be a musician to start coaching with you?

No at all, this has nothing to do. Indeed, you can try now coaching with me for free, because I still don’t have the diploma. So I will give the session for free till I have it.

So, what shall I do?

If you have an objective, an idea, a dream but you don’t know how to start… If you are professionally or personally stuck… If you really want a change in your life… TRY WITH COACHING!


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