La música de Nino Rota

Original idea, arranger and conductor

The centenary of the italian composer Nino Rota (1911-1979) was a chance to study and work deeply on his music. Why? So, making a combination between the bittersweet music of Rota and the peculiar sound of catalan “cobla”. The CD and the concerts, with cobla Marinada, were a big success.

La música de Nino Rota
Esteve Molero & Cobla Marinada




“Fellini 8 1/2” (Nino Rota. Arr. E. Molero)


“The notes of love” (Nicola Piovani. Arr. E. Molero)


“Memories from Amarcord” (Nino Rota. Arr. E. Molero)




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