M. de Falla & Catalonia

Original idea, arranger & conductor

The composer Manuel de Falla had a strong relationship with Catalonia: the influences he got from catalan composers Felip Pedrell and Amadeu Vives, his friendship with Eduard Toldrà and Santiago Rusiñol. For many years he also worked in the composition of his work: L’Atlàntida, based on the epic poem (in catalan) of Jacint Verdaguer. And why not Falla played by a catalan “cobla”? Only a top cobla would be capable of such a challenge: La Principal del Llobregat.


Manuel de Falla i Catalunya
Esteve Molero & La Principal del Llobregat





“Ritual Fire Dance” (Manuel de Falla. Instr. E. Molero)

“Dance of the Neighbors” (Manuel de Falla. Instr. E. Molero)

“Quan lo sol a ta finestra / Si pogués un sol instant” (Felip Pedrell. Arr. E. Molero)





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