arranger, conductor & trombone


20 years after meeting each other in a music school in Barcelona, Jordi Torrens & Esteve Molero (master and disciple) made a CD together.


The project includes compositions by Jordi, arranged by Esteve, who conducts a first class rhythm section.

In the recording, possible thanks to more than 100 patrons, there are also some guest artist, all of them recorded by David Casamitjana.



Jordi Torrens, guitarra
Esteve Molero, trombone
Òscar Ferret, piano
Jordi Mestres, double bass
Pinyu Martí, drums
Luis Chacón, percussions


Xus Páez & Sabina Witt, voices

David Escobar, trumpet
Àngel Pujol, alto sax
Josep Contreras, tenor sax
Juanjo Rocha, bartone sax

Jorge Sarraute, accordeon & bombo legüero

Altres projectes // Big Band, Latin & Jazz

Vela llatina

Conductor & trombone

Anonymous music by Rius

orginal idea, arranger, trombone


Trombone & compositions

Tenora & Big Band

Concept, arrangements & musical director

Cia. Catalana Latin Jazz

Leader, composer, arranger and conductor

Transpenedès Jazz Orq.

Leader, composer, arranger & conductor

Jordi Guixé Sextet

Comp., arr., trombone & conductor

Premature memories

Arranger & trombone

Barcelona Jazz Orchestra

Arranger, conductor & producer