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Manuel de Falla & Catalonia, with cobla La Principal del Llobregat


The composer Manuel de Falla had a strong relationship with Catalonia: the influences he got from catalan composers Felip Pedrell and Amadeu Vives, his friendship with Eduard Toldrà and Santiago Rusiñol. For many years he also worked in the composition of his work: L’Atlàntida, based on the epic poem (in catalan) of Jacint Verdaguer. And why not Falla played by a catalan “cobla”? Only a top cobla would be capable of such a challenge: La Principal del Llobregat.

Silenci blanc, jazzy moods for tenora, with Jordi Guixé Sextet

Jordi Guixé asked me to write a repertoire for “tenora” (catalan tenor shawm) in a jazz ensemble. I wrote original music and arrangements with the common denominator of “tenora” being the soloist, in a really “cantabile” way, but in a jazzistic context. Apart from touring, the band has recorded the CD “Silenci blanc, jazzy moods for tenora”.


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M. de Falla i Catalunya Jordi Guixé Sextet