Spanish For Adults

Original sound track composition

It’ said you can not consider yourself a real composer for cinema until you are kicked out from a production. The Lithuanian director Tomas Tamosaitis gave me this honor in his film Spanish for adults (Evohé Films, 2008). The music was recorded, anyway, although not used in the final version. Here you can listen to the three central themes, one for each of the main characters: Antonia, Fatu and Norbert.




“Norbert’s Theme” by Esteve Molero

“Fatu’s Theme” by Esteve Molero

“Antonia’s Theme” by Esteve Molero



Altres projectes // Sound Tracks


Music for K. Davidse

Sound track for a trilogy of films


Sound track for P. Bouman

Composition original soundtrack


Between Dictador and me

Main titles music score


Theme for a radio station

Composition for an official music theme