Theme for a radio station

Composition of an official music theme 

My first steps as a film composer were during the years in the University Pompeu Fabra, when I was studying Audiovisual Comunication. I wrote the music for the short films: “Apagar la luz” (Sergi Díez, 1997), “Lapsus” (Alfred Aventín, Aleix Castellón & Gerard Redó, 1997) and “Zahorí” (Domingo Parra & Noemí Agustina, 1997).

Shortly before I composed the music theme for the radio station of my village (Radio Ribes, 1997). It was, indeed, one of my first compositions. Here it is!


“Sitonia de Ràdio Ribes” Esteve Molero



Altres projectes // Sound Tracks


Music for K. Davidse

Sound track for a trilogy of films


Sound track for P. Bouman

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