Bou Revisited

Original idea, arranger & conductor 

To celebrate de 50th anniversary of Vicenç Bou’s death (1885-1962, the most popular composer of sardanas in the 20th century), I had the idea to make a double project: in one hand, play his sardanas in the original way; in the other hand, play some of his sardanas arranged by me. Cobla Marinada and the ethnic percussions of Luis Chacón where the performers. A tribute and a new look for a classic, that’s why the title of the project.


Bou Revisited

Esteve Molero & Cobla Marinada



“Sóc Empordanès” (Vicenç Bou. Arr. E. Molero)

“Illa deserta”  (Vicenç Bou. Arr. E. Molero. Tenora soloist: David Estañol)

“Bou Revisited” (overture by Esteve Molero)





Altres projectes // Cobla  

foto lluïsos cobla

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conductor & producer

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composer & conductor


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Original music for “cobla”

Sardanas & original works for cobla


Cobla discography

Conductor, producer & performer